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Vendor Search Results for 'airline security'

Search Results for 'airline security' from our Blog

Check-in: Best Canadian Airport Security Catches…and Biggest Fails


Photo: kenpower

To bolster Canadians’ confidence in air travel, CATSA recently issued a press release tooting its own horn, pinpointing its top security catches of 2011. We countered that with a few not-so-impressive misses of the past year.

To be fair, though, not all of them can be attributed to CATSA. And happily, we found nothing in recent Canadian history quite as shocking as the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s failure to notice an undeclared, loaded...

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Sponsored Post: You’re Covered! A Top-to-Bottom Guide to the Benefits of the American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card [SPONSORED]

airmiles_reserve_can_web_aRecently, American Express and the AIR MILES Reward Program partnered to create a new credit card that offers Cardmembers a wide range of travel benefits, from booking services to in-transit conveniences to entertainment access. This new passport to the world—the American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card—has you covered for almost every aspect of your trip you can imagine! Here is our top-to-bottom guide of the card’s benefits.

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Sponsored Post: New American Express AIR MILES Credit Card Promises Extra Luxury, Free Flights [Sponsored]

In a glimmering party room at downtown Toronto’s InterContinental hotel last week, travel enthusiasts, bloggers and at least one Food Network celebrity gathered for an exciting announcement from American Express Canada and the AIR MILES Reward Program. A new product would be unveiled that would change the way the modern traveller booked tickets, scouted activities, found hotel rooms and planned journeys.

The big reveal: the American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card.

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Insider: 11 Things Travellers Will Love About the New American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card [SPONSORED]

American Express AIR MILES Reserve CardWhere Canada is proud to partner with American Express and AIR MILES to introduce the Reserve Card. This new credit card offers so many premium travel benefits to Cardmembers, that we thought we’d highlight a few of the best for you! Below, check out 11 of the many things to love about the new American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card.

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Toronto: Hot Art: Look to the Sky at Bau-Xi Photo

Jeffrey Millstein’s photo of an Air Canada Boeing 767-300

SEPTEMBER 8 TO 22  Despite what you may think of baggage fees, security screenings and microwaved food, powered flight is doubtless one of history’s signal achievements. Similarly, the vehicles that make flight possible—airplanes—are marvels of design and engineering. Jeffrey Milstein captures jets, helicopters and commercial airliners in all their finely crafted glory. Shot primarily from runways at Los Angeles International Airport...

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Travel Tips: 25 Surprising Items Allowed on Planes


It’s a no-brainer that certain items are strictly prohibited on flights: dynamite, hand grenades…you know, stuff that could blow up the plane. But we were shocked at some of the things that aren’t prohibited.

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Travel Tips: 25 Packing Tips from Travel Experts

By Kat Tancock

For many of us, packing for a trip comes second only to unpacking as the most painful aspect of travel. But could it be that our technique needs some work? We gathered 25 tips from packing experts to help make your travels more bearable—before, during and after.

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Check-in: Easier Canada-US Border Crossings in 2012

Some travellers will be able to bypass lineups like this (at Toronto's Pearson airport) in 2012.
Photo by Roozbeh Rokni.

By Amanda Yiu

Canada and the US are taking steps to streamline border crossings for people, goods and services across their shared border via two key initiatives.

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Travel Tuesday Q&A: Family Travel Q&A with Corinne McDermott of Have Baby Will Travel

Corinne with her kids in Cuba.

Corinne McDermott started her website for travelling families, Have Baby Will Travel, out of her own frustrated attempts to find travel info for parents with babies and toddlers while planning a trip with her young daughter.

The site is for parents of infants, toddlers and small children. Though McDermott calls it a “work in progress,” it includes a wealth of tips—everything from how to sterilize bottles in a hotel room to where to rent a stroller in the...

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Check-in: Top 5 Travel Stories of 2011

Iguazu Falls was named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2011 (#1). Photo by James Walters.

By Waheeda Harris

Which articles captured our attention in the travel world this past year? From the disappearance of Jack the Cat to the stress of a possible Air Canada strike, travellers had many stories keeping their eyes on the news:

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Check-in: Are Easier Airport Check-Ins on the Horizon?

Photo by Kenpower

By Carissa Bluestone

Although registered traveller programs are still often met with cynicism and suspicion, several organizations are moving forward to use these schemes as a basis for streamlining airport security.

The International Airport Transit Association (IATA), an organization that includes most major airlines worldwide—including Air Canada and Air Transat—has been working on Checkpoint of the Future (CoF), a “risk-based approach supported by advanced technology to...

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All across Canada: What’s News: Travel Stories From Around the Globe

Mexican airline in tailspin

Mexicana Airlines, one of the largest carriers in the country, is suspending all operations due to overwhelming financial difficulties. The move comes after initially filing for bankruptcy protection on August 3.

China-Canada travels bridged

A group of roughly 175 Chinese travellers visited Banff last week and became the first group to officially visit Canada after the country was granted approved leisure travel status by the Chinese government. The Chinese...

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All across Canada: Travel Unravelled: New Air Travel Restrictions

Q:  I am travelling to the United States next month for business and need to do work on my laptop during the flight, but with the recent attempted terrorism attack I’ve heard that travel restrictions have changed, what exactly am I allowed to bring on the plane?–Scott Maxwell, Victoria, B.C.

A:  Travel restrictions have become a norm for air passengers since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The attempted terrorism attack on December 25, 2009, has introduced even more changes to...

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