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iPads on Planes? In-Flight Ban on Portable Electronic Devices Under Review


The dream of using your smartphone or iPad on planes to browse the Web during long runway delays could become a reality—at least in the U.S—as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reviews aircraft policies on portable electronic devices. (more…)

Travel Tip of the Day

Got a camera phone? Use it: Take a photo of your room number, your rental car and license plate, parking lot locator number, and anything else you might forget while out and about.

Google Maps Go Offline for Android Users


Photo: avlxyz

Google is on fire this week. First it launches Flight Search for Canadians, then it announces that its maps will be available offline for Android users. (more…)

Our 5 Favourite Free Mobile Weather Apps


“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

—Mark Twain

Weather is one of those great equalizers: it affects everyone, everywhere. So it stands to reason that there are tons (heaps and piles, actually) of weather apps to choose from. We’ve waded through to find our favourites for Canadian travellers.

See the app reviews. »

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