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10 Things To Do in Edmonton Before the End of April


1. Gallery Walk This Saturday, April 18 from 10–5 and Sunday from 12–4, the art galleries on 124 Street will be showcasing incredible works and will also feature drinks, snacks, entertainment, and even a chance to meet the artists themselves!

2. Enjoy an Evening at the Opera The Edmonton Opera is closing out their stage season with the haunting, tragic opera Lucia di Lammermoor that takes place in the Scottish hillside. Performances are on April 18, 21, and 23.

3. Go House Hunting… but not in the traditional sense. Next week, U of A design students will be installing three tree houses in Churchill Sq. as part of a public art installation called Impose. They are going to look like actual mini houses that can be found in our neighbourhoods.

4. Edmonton Poetry Fest kicks off on April 19 and will feature 8 days packed with events such as slam poetry, vintage poetry, and even a night that pairs poetry with whisky!

5. The California Wine Fair is on April 22 at the Citadel Theatre and it is your chance to try more than 400 different wines from the region.

6. For the sports fans, the always-entertaining Harlem Globetrotters are in town from April 24–25.

7. Movie fans will LOVE the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s Bond & Beyond on April 25 that will feature hit songs from James Bond movies.

8. Try the Frickin’ Delights Vegan Donuts from the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market. They are locally made, and are the some of the best donuts we have ever tasted!

9. Avenue Q opens on April 25 at the Citadel. This is a hilarious coming-of-age musical that includes human actors and puppets. Don’t let the puppets fool you though — this is an adult-only show.

10. Lastly, it’s time to update your look for spring! Local blogger Kira Paron of Northern Style Exposure helped us out with some fashion tips this issue like recommending that both men and women pick up something gingham to refresh their look.

—Lindsay Shapka

Poetry Moves at Edmonton Poetry Festival

Iman Mersal Photo credit Randall Edwards

Poet Iman Mersal reading at last year’s Edmonton Poetry Festival. Photo by Randall Edwards.

Poetry is so much more than the dreadful rhymes your teacher forced on you in grade school. This sundry art form includes engaging styles such as spoken word in which poets focus as much on the performance of the piece as they do on the actual words, adding in clever word play and storytelling. When you hear poetry live, you connect with new ideas and perspectives through the poet’s use of images and metaphors to
convey their message.

Edmonton Poetry Festival returns to the city every April (or National Poetry Month as in-the-know beatniks call it) to bring poetry to the people over 8 days of unique events with music, dance, food, and anything that lifts words off the page. Founded in 2006 with the principle that poetry is a source of energy, entertainment, and joy shared by all societies, the festival aims to celebrate those elements with audiences across the city.

This year, Edmonton is welcoming a star-studded guest list of local and national poets, including the current World Poetry Slam Champion Ikenna Onyegbula and the Parliamentary Poet Laureate Michel Pleau. Another must-catch performer Taqralik Partridge blends in throat singing with her readings, while her work explores issues of Aboriginal rights. If you want to sample any of these poets’ words, head to YouTube to watch some of their live performances! (Warning: You may lose track of time as you jump from video to video.)

If you’ve never considered yourself a poetry fan, Executive Director Rayanne Doucet says the festival will have many surprises for you. “You never know when you are going to fall in love with words,” she says. “Poetry has a way of hooking you. You just need that one experience where someone touches you with their language.”

One of the festival’s goals is to highlight electrifying poets that you can only hear in Edmonton. “We have an amazing depth of spoken word talent in this city,” says Doucet. Programming for this year includes a Bring Your Own Venue Day on April 19, which showcases the skills of local poets who’ve organized their own unique events.

For an eclectic experience of the poetry scene, head to the Saturday night poetry party, “Poetry Meets” on April 25. At this eccentric event, poets will collaborate with a range of artists, including musicians and burlesque dancers, to bring their words to life through sound and movement. Or, attend “Whisky and Words from Wise Women” on April 22 to sample both whisky and the wisdom from four exceptionally talented female poets from across Canada.

“The Gala: Bouffant Poetry” (ou en français: «poésie décoiffante») on April 24 is a fantastic gala at the Pavillon Lacerte that embraces Canada’s two official languages. The night will merge New Orleans and Parisian culture, and you’ll want to show off your chicest fashions as you mingle and have your breath taken away by the evening’s performers.

No matter what event you catch at the festival, Doucet says, “I hope that audiences are struck breathless by a new poetic voice we introduce them to, and I hope they search for even more voices after seeing how our visiting poets move them.”

When you encounter “two roads diverged in a yellow wood”, don’t be sorry you could not travel both — follow the one that leads to Edmonton Poetry Festival! For full details on events and tickets, visit the website.

5 Spots for Pho in Edmonton


We’re still a few weeks away from a “true Spring” in Edmonton, so stop by one of these great spots for a warm bowl of pho if the weather’s giving you a chill!

1. Hoang Long Casual Fare follows in the footsteps of traditional Asian street vendors in making their pho as fresh and healthy as possible, while still making it convenient for the grab-and-go crowd.
10037-109 St., 780-486-6998

2. A family-run restaurant, King Noodle House serves up a side of character — particularly in its friendly and charismatic owner Moustache Man — with its family pho recipe.
10613-97 St., 780-428-8983

3. Doan’s Vietnamese Restaurant prides itself on making authentic Vietnamese cuisine, especially with its flavourful beef pho.
10130-107 St., 780-424-3034 & 7909-104 St., 780-434-4448

4. With hearty bowls of pho featuring tasty options of satay or spicy beef at Pho King, you’ll quickly discover why this restaurant considers itself a royal in the pho kingdom!
9103-118 Ave., 780-757-7277

5. Delicious Pho offers dozens of choices for toppings, including brisket, flank, and tripe in steaming bowls of pho with a balanced flavour.
10418-124 St., 780-488-9943

10 Things To Do in Edmonton in March


The Book of Mormon. Photo courtesy of Broadway Across Canada.


To celebrate the first day of spring, here is a list of 10 things to do before the end of March!

1. It is International Macaron Day today! (Yes, that is a thing.) It started, of course, in Paris and cities around the world have started picking up on it over the last few years. If you haven’t before, we challenge you to head to Duchess Bake Shop (10720-124 St.) on 124 Street, and give these delicious treats a try!

2. There are still limited tickets available for the Book of Mormon that is at the Jubilee Auditorium from March 24–29 — the show is supposed to be thoroughly entertaining.

3. Western Canada Fashion Week is from March 26 – April 4. If you have never been to a runway show, this is your chance! The event is a lot of fun and the talent that we have in this city is incredible.

4. Why not eat like they do in Barcelona, and head to a tapas bar for small plates and wine? We featured Bodega (10220-103 St.), Tzin (10115-104 St.) and the new Tapa Vino (11011 Jasper Ave.) in the recent issue of the magazine — all three are fantastic and have really great old-world atmospheres.

5. For those of you who haven’t yet, check out Mother’s Market (10251-109 St.) this weekend for some local fresh food and vegetables. It’s a really cool space, and is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10-5.

6. If an entertaining lunch is more your style, I suggest taking a lunch tour of the Winspear on March 25. The tour will take you backstage and provide lunch and beverages. There is no charge, but you have to RSVP — check their website for details.

7. Pick up University of Alberta Professor Ted Bishop’s book, The Social Life of Ink. We featured it in the magazine this issue, and it looks at how ink has shaped and changed culture, history and the way we connect with other people. It’s a really great read, and you’re supporting an Edmonton author!

8. Spend an hour flipping through the vintage vinyl at the Old Strathcona Antique Mall (10323-78 Ave.). They have a huge collection, and for those of you who just recently jumped on the vinyl train, it is a great place to start building your own library.

9. Check out the stars in our clear spring skies at the University of Alberta Observatory, or the observatory at the TELUS World of Science. Both are free and have regular public viewing hours.

10. Take a walk through the Legislature Grounds and over the High Level Bridge while it is all lit up at night. It is a really cool experience, and a lovely walk!

Are you doing something fun in the city? Tweet to us about it @whereedmonton for a change to have your tweet featured in our next issue!

Catch the Chilling Conclusion to Crashed Ice in Edmonton


Photo by Sebastian Marko, courtesy of Red Bull Crashed Ice.

For three exciting days from March 12 – 14, tough athletes from across the country and around the globe will hurtle down an ice track at breakneck speeds reaching 55 km/h. Their goal? To beat out the other racers and win Red Bull Crashed Ice!

The skaters will push, slide, and sprint down the longest track of the 2015 season, which measures over 415 m in length. The track is built with massive drops — the biggest vertical drop is 45 m! — gaps, steps, and hairpin turns. The field of 64 riders will be whittled down to four athletes in the exhilarating final run on March 14.

To prepare the frozen track, 20 cases of crushed ice (each weighing 1,700 lbs.) are dumped onto the track, and water is then sprayed to create the first frozen layer, and then sprayed again and again over the week it takes to prep the ice and ensure it’s perfect.

One of the brave athletes, Ben Hilborn — who’s an Edmonton resident — wasn’t expecting to make it to the final, but was “pretty pumped” when he heard he’d made the cut. Hilborn mentions that though there’s no special training he went through to prepare him for this type of sporting feat, he’s played hockey for his whole life, so he plans on drawing from many of the skills he’s learnt while playing.

To face such a steep and slippery slope, you need a strategy, and Hilborn has prepared one. “There are lots of experienced guys running it,” he says, “and I’ll watch how they perform for any tips and strategies.” He’s feeling mixed emotions about the event, but overall he’s pretty excited. “I’m nervous about doing it in front of 100,000 people,” he says, “but hopefully I’m prepared.”

The event is free for all spectators to take in, and you can also stream the event live from the website if you’re not feeling brave enough to brace the weather. For tips on where best to watch the event and more information, please visit the website.

—Matthew Stepanic

5 Spots for Brunch in Edmonton


Photo by Jennifer Linford.


1. Enjoy a side plate of nostalgia (or crispy bacon) with your brunch at the retro Route 99 — a great spot for cheap and hearty eats hot from the skillet.
Route 99 | 8820 99 St. | 780-432-0968

2. Visit Cora for healthy, feel-good food, as its delicate crêpes and scrumptious omelettes are accompanied by a heap of fresh fruit.
South: #111, 2920 Calgary Tr. | 780-465-2672
West: 9977-178 St. | 780-487-8898

3. Artisan Resto Café puts a gourmet touch on brunch by accompanying each farm-fresh egg specialty with straight-from-the-oven artisan bread.
Artisan Resto Café | 10732 Whyte (82) Ave. | 780-413-8045

4. With a wide variety of house-made bagels and decadent toppings — such as smoked goose breast or prosciutto — for its eggs benedict, the cozy New York Bagel Café is a rich treat.
New York Bagel Café | 8430 Gateway Blvd. | 780-432-2003

5. Under the High Wheel partners its comfort food — think waffles under dollops of heavy cream and sweet chocolate drizzle — with seasonal, sustainable, and local ingredients.
Under the High Wheel | 10159 Whyte (82) Ave. | 780-439-4442

— Matthew Stepanic

Best New Restaurants to Enjoy a Cocktail in Edmonton


Photo by Jamie Tweedy of Tweedy Studios.

1. North 53
The unanimous winner, North 53 has 15 handcrafted specialty cocktails all dreamed up by a team of bartenders headed by Brendan Brewster — “Edmonton’s King of Cocktails” according to Phil Wilson. With incredible concoctions like Razzle Basil, Witches Fizz, and the Dirty Crim Royale to chose from, it will be hard to pick just one! Addie recommends the Rosie Cheeks that “does wonders to the taste buds with a tantalizing mix of unfiltered sake, citrus juice, aromatic elements like cardamom and saffron, and a garnish of rose petals that draws you in for the kiss… it was made to taste like a boozy version of Akbar Mashti Bastani, a popular Persian dessert.”
10240-124 St. | 587-524-5353

2. &27
The inventive cocktail menu at this new hot spot opened by chef Nathin Bye includes 15 inventive concoctions that, according to Andrea Chan, have a “unique pairing of flavours [that] makes every single one intriguing.” A departure from the typical pub scene of this hip neighbourhood, Wilson believes that “the fantastic cocktail menu here is giving the more sophisticated drinker a reason to visit Whyte Ave.” We recommend the smoky sweet Crystal Sidecar — made with Brandy, Grand Marnier, Chrysanthemum Orange Honey, Lemon, Walnut Bitters, and Cherry Smoke, it is sure to chase the winter chill away!
10612 Whyte (82) Ave. | 780-757-2727

3. Rostizado
The tequila- and mescal-based cocktail menu at this new rustic Mexican eatery goes well beyond the typical. According to Wilson, “after sampling these drinks, you’ll never think of tequila the same way again.” The muddled herbs and spices added to the drinks and the presentation is what really sets them apart. “Note the tajin spices (a mixture of Mexican chilies and lime) that rim the glass of The Tamarind,” remarks Liane Faulder, “tequila blanco whisked with a sour smack of tamarind nectar and Cointreau.” Sounds good to me!
10359-104 St. | 780-761-0911

Winners in this category were selected by local food bloggers Phil Wilson of Baconhound, Andrea Chan of Little Miss Andrea, Addie (@BigAddie), and Liane Faulder of the Edmonton Journal’s Eat My Words blog.

— Lindsay Shapka

Edmonton’s Best New Restaurant 2014: North 53


The popcorn chicken at North 53. Photo courtesy of North 53.

The overall winner for 2014, this cozy, hip restaurant has gone through a lot of changes in its inaugural year. A recent revamp of the menu made this already popular spot even more of a destination for local foodies.

Fun, simple plates showcasing the diversity of Canada’s food scene are perfect for sharing and pair wonderfully with their award-winning (see right) cocktail menu. Try the melt-in-your mouth popcorn chicken (pictured) before digging in to the hearty Rutabaga and Oxtail Tart. The tender Whole Roasted Chicken served with a savoury stuffing is perfect for larger groups, and make sure to leave room for the unique Blue d’Elisabeth made with roasted pear, blue cheese, and a sherry caramel sauce — it’s amazing!

The restaurant also won our food bloggers’ vote for the best cocktail list from a new restaurant! The unanimous winner, North 53 has 15 handcrafted specialty cocktails all dreamed up by a team of bartenders headed by Brendan Brewster — “Edmonton’s King of Cocktails” according to Phil Wilson.

With incredible concoctions like Razzle Basil, Witches Fizz, and the Dirty Crim Royale to chose from, it will be hard to pick just one! Addie (@BigAddie) recommends the Rosie Cheeks that “does wonders to the taste buds with a tantalizing mix of unfiltered sake, citrus juice, aromatic elements like cardamom and saffron, and a garnish of rose petals that draws you in for the kiss… it was made to taste like a boozy version of Akbar Mashti Bastani, a popular Persian dessert.”

10240-124 St. | 587-524-5353 | north53.com

— Lindsay Shapka


6 Spots for Coffee & Tea


Photo by Jennifer Linford.

Nothing wards off the chill of winter winds like the perfect blend of roasted beans or dried tea leaves. You’ll feel like you’re carrying a talisman against the season with a cup from one of these spots in your hands!

1. Burrow
From the owner of the much-loved Elm Café and District Coffee Co., comes Burrow: the perfect grab-and-go café for travellers! Located conveniently in the LRT Central Station, you can pick up a craft coffee and a tasty breakfast sandwich before you head out to explore downtown.
810-10060 Jasper Ave. | 780-425-9991

2. Da Capo Caffe
An authentic Italian espresso bar, Da Capo offers the ambiance and flavours of Italy in Edmonton. Its coffee is made with traditional Italian espresso with none of the fuss: no syrup and no single-varietal espresso, just a bona fide cup of Italy.
8135-102 St. | 587-521-2276

3. Iconoclast Koffiehuis
When you enter this inviting coffee shop with its gorgeous repurposed woodwork, you’ll have a selection of seats to warm up at and sip your java. All of their coffee beans are roasted in small batches on site in a Has Garanti drum roaster, which allows for a careful, perfect roast every time.
11807B-105 Ave. | 780-705-7788

4. The Tea Girl
It may seem overwhelming to select from nearly 200 types of teas, but the friendly staff here have extensive training in tea culture and can help you find one suited for your taste! A life-long lover of tea, owner Sarah has built a welcoming tea community at her shop.
12411 Stony Plain Rd. | 780-732-4832

5. Cally’s Teas
This cozy tea shop will remind you of grandma’s house with its quaint 50s-style décor. With over 250 teas from around the world to select from, and savoury baked goods made in-house daily, Cally’s Teas will surely warm your body and heart on any chilly day.
10151-82 Ave. | 780-757-8944

6. Cha Island Tea Co.
With its pleasant atmosphere, Cha Island Tea Co. will make you believe you’ve been transported out of winter and in to an actual island café. And with live music from local bands most nights, you’ll find yourself escaping frequently to this relaxing eatery for a cup from its selection of over 100 loose leaf teas, or one of their sweet and savoury waffles!
10332-81 Ave. | 780-757-2482

—Matthew Stepanic

5 Spots to Grab a Bite in the West End of Edmonton

burger1. Cactus Club Café
An import from the B.C. coast, Cactus Club Café’s menu is designed by the first Canadian to win Iron Chef America, Rob Feenie. His innovative dishes will delight the senses, especially when partnered with a signature cocktail or martini.
West Edmonton Mall | 8882-170 St. | 780-489-1002

2. Guru Fine Indian Cuisine
Butter chicken samosas, shrimp pakora, chana masala — if your mouth’s watering just from hearing the names of those dishes, you’re probably an Indian-food veteran. But if not, Guru’s the perfect place to start, or heighten, your experience as the restaurant prides itself on preparing some of the finest Indian cuisine in Edmonton with its highly trained and award-winning chefs.
17021-100 Ave. | 780-484-4300

3. 1ST RND
With over 75 brands of beer, this bar is perfect for meeting fellow Oilers or Oil Kings fans! And you’ll feel like you belong in the City of Champions if you manage to finish 1ST RND’s The Great One: two all-beef patties, double cheddar, and double bacon all between two grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches.
West Edmonton Mall | 8882-170 St. | 780-487-4600

4. Ban Thai Restaurant
True flavours of Thailand shine in each dish at Ban Thai — from hot sour soup to pad thai to creamy coconut red curry — as the family-owned restaurant draws from its recipes passed down through generations in Thailand.
15726-100 Ave. | 780-444-9345

5. Soda Jerks
Soda Jerks is a classic burger-joint experience, complete with your choice of a dozen bottled soda brands and over twenty flavours of milkshakes — which you can upgrade by adding a shot of booze! Build the best burger based on your own tastes by picking from over 50 toppings, including Doritos, mini donuts, and gin & bacon sauerkraut.
17520-100 Ave. | 780-486-5375

Matthew Stepanic

20 Holiday Activities in Edmonton Under $20 in 2014

Celebrate the season throughout December at the Alberta Legislature!

1. Celebrate the Season
Cost: Free!
Where: Alberta Legislature Building, 10800-97 Ave.
When: December 4 – 23
About: The first day of this month-long event features a choir performance and the Premier’s ceremonial turning on of the colourful lights outside the Legislature buildings. During the rest of the month, guests can enjoy afternoon and evening choir performances and hot chocolate when visiting the Legislature rotunda.
More info here!

2. All Is Bright on 124 St.
Cost: Free!
Where: 125 St. and 102 Ave.
When: Saturday, November 22, 3 pm – 8 pm
About: Celebrate the coming of winter with a stunning showcase of fashion, food, and entertainment on 124 St. Enjoy holiday-themed storefront displays, hot holiday drinks and food truck specialties, live music, sleigh rides, and a pop-up Christmas market to start your holiday shopping!
More info here!

3. Christmas on the Square Holiday Light Up
Cost: Free!
Where: Churchill Sq. Downtown
When: Saturday, November 15, 4 pm – 7 pm
About: Kick off the festive season with activities and entertainment for the whole family, including free balloon artists and face painting, stilt walkers, mascots and carollers, singers and musicians. Santa himself will be around to light up the majestic 72-foot tree adorned with more than 14,000 LED lights, cascading snowflakes and stars, followed by an impressive fireworks display.
More info here!

4. Luminaria
Cost: $11.50 Adult; $9.50 Senior; Children 7-12 $6.25; Children 6 and under are free
When: December 6 & 7, 5 – 9 pm
Where: Devonian Botanic Garden, 5 kms north of Devon on Hwy 60, 15 minutes from West Edmonton
About: Thousands of hand-lit candles sparkle along the paths of the Kurimoto Japanese Garden. Strolling singers, ice sculptures, hot apple cider at the bonfires, illuminated Snow Sprites. An enchanting display! Call for tickets 780-987-3054 ext. 2223 to avoid lineups or order them online.
More info here!

5. Festival of Light
Cost: $9.50 Adult; $5.50 Child; $30 per Family
When: December 5 – 14, 5 – 10 pm
Where: Edmonton Valley Zoo
About: The Festival of Light will stage a spectacular exhibition of artistic light installations, live music, dancers, skating, and animal encounters within the unique setting of the zoo. Be sure to check out the gift shoppe, cafe, zoo school, multi-purpose room, and The Wander pathway.
More info here!

6. Cory Christopher Christmas Market & Holiday Workshops
Cost: Free to browse the market; prices vary for workshops and special events
When: November 1 – December 23
Hours: Tues – Wed 10 am – 5 pm; Thu 10 am – 9 pm; Fri 10 am – 5 pm; Sat – Sun 10 am – 5 pm; Closed Mon
Where: 10914 105 Ave. (alley entrance)
About: A treasure trove of yuletide delights awaits shoppers, showcasing the talents of local and Canadian artists and designers. Enjoy freshly brewed apple cider as you find the perfect holiday gifts, accents for your home, and of course something special just for you! Special events and creative workshops take place throughout the market; get creative and get in the spirit of the season!
More info here!

7. Theatresports Improv
Cost: $12
When: November 7, 14, 28, December 5, 12, 19
Where: Citadel Theatre, 9828-101A Ave.
About: Edmonton’s renowned improv comedy troupe Rapid Fire Theatre performs Theatresports weekly, where teams of talented improvisers do their best to win over the audience in a series of improv challenges. Shout out your suggestions and watch a scene evolve — you never know what they might say or do, but they will make you laugh! And with the holidays on everyone’s mind, you’re sure to witness a few pokes at Christmas classics or holiday traditions.
More info here!

8. Candy Cane Lane
Cost: Free, though donations for the Edmonton Food Bank are accepted and appreciated. Extra fee for sleigh rides.
When: December 12,2014 – January 4, 2015
Where: 148 St. between 100 Ave. & 92 Ave.
About: Grab a hot chocolate and take a stroll down Candy Cane Lane — a ten-block stretch of impressive residential displays of colourful Christmas lights and decorations. Or, see the sights while taking a festive sleigh ride!
More info here!

9. Festival of Trees
Cost: $10 Adult, $5 Senior (65+), $5 Youth (13-17), $2 Children (2-12), Infants under 2 are free
When: November 27 – 30
Where: Shaw Conference Centre, 9797 Jasper Ave.
About: The University Hospital Foundation’s annual fundraiser (this year in support of a gamma knife to perform delicate brain procedures without making an incision) is a family-friendly event with magnificently decorated trees, festive displays, uniquely decorated cakes, and the most intricate gingerbread houses you have ever seen! Enjoy family scavenger hunts, live entertainment, and a special visit from Santa.
More info here!

10. The Best Little Newfoundland Christmas Pageant Ever
Cost: $20 – $22
When: December 18 – 22
Where: Varscona Theatre, 10329 83 Ave.
About: What could be so hard about directing a Christmas pageant? It’s always the story with the same carols. But no one was expecting the Herdmans — “the worst kids in the world” — to show up for auditions! What has the potential to be the worst pageant ever turns out to be the best one as everyone learns the true meaning of Christmas in this funny, heartwarming play.
More info here!

11. Santa’s Arrival at West Edmonton Mall
Cost: Free
When: November 15, 10 am – 8 pm
Where: North Pole Place, West Edmonton Mall, 8882-170 St.
About: Come and welcome Santa to his home-away-from-home for the holiday season! Exciting entertainment includes a magician, face painters, a balloon artist, and Rapid Fire Theatre will be there with a special improv performance of Disney’s Frozen!
More info here!

12. Crafters Christmas Sale
Cost: Free!
When: November 28 – 30
Where: Devonian Botanic Garden, 5 kms north of Devon on Hwy 60, 15 minutes from West Edmonton
About: Shop for seasonal handmade crafts like wreaths, centrepieces, dried floral arrangements, potpourri, candles, cards, unique gifts, cookbooks, and much more. Products are handmade by members of the Devonian Botanic Garden’s Crafters Association, many with materials harvested at the garden.
More info here!

13. Holiday Bazaar at The Roxy!
Cost: Free to browse!
When: December 4; 5 pm – 9 pm
Where: Roxy Theatre, 10708-124 St.
About: Join the 124 Grand Street Market for a holiday-themed market place with festive energy and grand vendors, in a unique theatre setting! Fill your bags with quality goodies from local makers that will impress all your secret santa’s with a one-of-a-kind gift.
More info here!

14. North Pole Christmas
Cost: $12 Adult; $10.60 Senior (65+); $10.60 Student (13-17); $6.50 Child (2-12): Children under 2 are free.
When: Sunday, December 14, 12 pm – 4 pm
Where: Muttart Conservatory, 9626 – 96A St.
About: The Muttart Conservatory is throwing an event to get you into the Christmas spirit! Activities include a seasonal craft, face painting, and Christmas cactus planting! And live music will fill Centre Court with the warmth of the season. You can even pick up a Muttart Conservatory–grown poinsettia!
More info here!

15. Print Affair: Pretty Paper
Cost: $20 (for members, $25 regular)
When: Saturday, December 6, 8 pm
Where: SNAP Gallery, 10123 121 St.
About: Enjoy a fun and elegant evening of holiday cheer with a community of members, volunteers, artists and art patrons. Enjoy great music from local DJs, wonderful food, exquisite drinks and, of course, high-caliber contemporary print art. This event focuses on the sale of contemporary print works at all price ranges and the Edmonton community is encouraged to support local arts and culture by purchasing art as gifts this holiday season.
More info here!

16. Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair
Cost: $2 General, Kids get in free!
When: November 28 – 30 & December 5 – 7
Where: Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre, 8426 Gateway Blvd.
About: Browse the beautiful boutique-like displays from local, independent vendors selling unique handmade clothing, jewellery, accessories, artwork, toys, and zines. This is the perfect fair to find a speciality, hand-made holiday gift! New this year: the fair will run for a second weekend in December that will feature the best crafts and wares from across the prairies!
More info here!

17. A Prairie Christmas
Cost: $12
When: December 13 & 14
Where: Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm, 56311 Lily Lake Rd., Bon Accord, 25 km north of Edmonton
About: Bundle up and enjoy some seasonal family fun at the cozy, rustic setting of Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm. Decorate cookies with the elves, ride the magical Polar Express, get a family photo with Santa, make ornaments and gifts at the craft station, and enjoy hot chocolate and other treats in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen.
More info here!

18. Whyte Christmas Sleigh Ride Shuttle
Cost: Rides by donation in support of the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta
When: November 29 & December 6, 13, 20; 1 pm – 5 pm
Where: Old Strathcona
About: Experience the sights and sounds of the holidays along Whyte Ave. in Old Strathcona with a sleigh ride! And watch carefully because you may spot Santa roaming around Old Strathcona one of those days!
More info here!

19. Edmonton Oil Kings “Sing for Santa”
Cost: Tickets start at $18
When: Saturday, December 6, 4 pm
Where: Rexall Place
About: Watch WHL hockey teams Edmonton Oil Kings vs. Moose Jaw Warriors and enjoy special holiday-themed entertainment.
More info here!

20. It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Show
Cost: $18
When: December 17 – 23; 8 pm
Where: Fort Edmonton Park, 7000-143 St.
Watch the classic holiday tale of despair and redemption performed as a 1940s radio broadcast by a cast in full period costume with live music and sound effects. It’s a perfect holiday treat with classic holiday music and hilarious commercial breaks.
More info here!

— Matthew Stepanic

War Memorials in Edmonton


Photo courtesy of Musée Héritage Museum.

Over 100 years have passed since the beginning of the First World War, and remembering the sacrifices of past Canadians is as significant an action as ever. If you’re looking to pay your respects privately on Remembrance Day, you can visit one of these memorials in Edmonton to have a moment of silence or place some flowers to honour all the brave lives we lost during times of war.

Edmonton Cenotaph | City Hall
Unveiled Aug. 13, 1936, the cenotaph stands 23 feet high, weighs more than 100 tonnes, and was constructed from B.C. marble, concrete, and steel. The memorial represents the tombs of approximately 3,000 veterans from the Edmonton area who died in WWI.

Aboriginal Veterans’ Monument | Legislature Building Grounds
Placed in 2004, this plaque honours the aboriginal veterans of Alberta who have served in Canada’s military.

Korean War Memorial | Legislature Building Grounds
This cairn is in memory of the Albertans killed in action during the Korean War (1950-1953).

Albertans in the Canadian Naval Service Plaque | Legislature Building Grounds
Placed in 1985, this plaque honours all Albertans who served in the Canadian Navy.

Canadian Merchant Navy Plaque | Legislature Building Grounds
Unveiled in 1996, this plaque commemorates the Canadian Merchant Navy and was placed on the 52nd anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.

War Memorial Pipe Organ | U of A Convocation Hall
Erected in 1925 by Casavant Frères, a Canadian pipe organ company, the organ is in memory of the 80 University of Alberta comrades who gave up their lives during WWI. There are also tablets near the entrance of the hall with the names of the students, staff, and alumni who did not return from the First and Second World Wars.

— Matthew Stepanic