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INFOGRAPHIC: 50 Insane Facts About Canada


50 Insane Facts About Canada

Brought to you by Cheapflights.ca

Special thanks to NeoMam Studios in Manchester, UK, who created the “50 Insane Facts About Canada” infographic. To see more of NeoMam’s work, including “The Geek’s Guide to Proposing” and “50 Insane Facts About Australia,” check out their online portfolio.

  • jones19876

    It was one for over a decade not too long ago, it’s the base of the whole “smart phone” crazy too.

  • yachty

    LI is the most common sir name? That is FU…you people let anyone in! Canada is a Socialists wet dream! Comics can’t have criminal activity…What do Superman, Batman and all the superhero’s do? Canada is really FU!