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The Sunken Garden – Victoria, British Columbia


Sunken Garden—Victoria, BC

“The Sunken Garden” by TOTORORO.RORO

You can practically smell the flowers as you gaze at this wonderful shot of the Sunken Garden part of Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. The photograph captures the depth and vastness of the surrounding environment while exploring the shapes and sizes of various types of plant life. Using creative positioning and various types of line—the steps, the railings, the winding paths—”The Sunken Garden” engulfs viewers with intricate details.

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13 Obscure Canadian Laws Still in Effect

The door to the highest court in the land (Photo: Jamie McCaffery)

Did you know it’s illegal to whistle in Petrolia, Ontario? Or that a merchant can turn down $5 payment, if you pay entirely in nickels? In Canada, we have a few quirky laws that somehow fly under the radar, and are worth knowing about if you’re travelling here. We learned about 13 of them recently from Reader’s Digest, which posted a story by Lucy Izon called 13 Strange Canadian Laws That You Never Knew Existed.: Curious about the other 11? Read more, over at readersdigest.ca.


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INFOGRAPHIC: 50 Things to Do When You’re Stuck at an Airport

50 Things To Do At The Airport


—50 Things To Do At The Airport [Infographic] by the team at CheapFlights


50 Canadian Things You Must Do Before You Die



Bucket lists have been compiled for ages, indexing all the goals that one wants to accomplish in his or her lifetime. People can obsess over them, download apps for them, and even make movies about them. Travel, of course, is one of the top things people put on their bucket lists, which inspired us to put together our list of must-do activities in Canada. Come with us as we go through a photographic tour of the 50 Canadian things you must do before you die. And be sure to let us know your favourite Canadian activities that should have made the list!

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The Best Spots in Canada to Stargaze

2011-01-30 ORION NEBULA - Version A

The haunting Orion Nebua (Photo: Ken Lord)

With over 80% of Canadians living in densely populated urban areas, it’s inevitable that light pollution keeps most us from seeing the true beauty of the night sky. Away from the city, there is a different type of glow that fills the heavens: stars, nebulae and planets. To experience this spectacle first hand, check out this list of the best locations in the world to stargaze. Six out of 11 of them are right here in Canada, and may be a short distance from where you live or travel, such as Jasper National Park, Point Pelee, McDonald Creek Provincial Park in B.C., Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, Fathom Five National Marine Park on the Bruce Peninsula and Cypress Hills in the Prairies. Perhaps one day Wood Buffalo, Canada’s newest dark sky preserve, will be added to the list.

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How to Watch Live Feeds of Wildlife Cams for Free

Brown bear portrait II

Brown bear portrait (Photo: Tambako the Jaguar)

It is amazing what humankind can overcome with the click of a button these days. What was once an extremely uncommon occurrence—being able to witness magnificent wildlife roaming their natural habitat—has just became a lot easier. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can head to Explore.org, where over 15 live feed cameras of animals can be seen for free. These cameras bring viewers footage of magnificent creatures, landscapes and other interesting bits of nature that they may have never seen otherwise, including views of polar bears roaming, brown bears fishing for salmon, beluga migrations, the inner workings of a beehive as well as natural occurrences like the Northern Lights and the changing leaves of autumn. We recommend that you check out the camera feeds, but with a warning: once you start watching, you may not be able to stop.

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BIXI Bikes – Toronto, Ontario


how many BIXI bikes does it take...  Explored, thank you all!!

Bixi Bikes in Toronto (Photo: Shabnam, Morningdew Photography)

This beautiful image captures Toronto’s bike sharing program in an artistic perspective. The streets are lined with bicyclists enjoying the autumn sun on their daily commute, and images of bikes zipping by are plentiful. What is interesting about this photo is that it captures static bicycles, adding intrigue and new depth to a scene that is easily overlooked.

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Photo: Shabnam- Morningdew Photography

Reaching For the Stars – Vancouver, British Columbia


“Reaching for the Stars” by Julius Reque

A vibrant beautiful, purple starfish climbs above water on the boat dock at Vancouver’s Granville Island. Positioned between contrasting colours—the orange pole and the wall of dark grey shells—the beautiful creature stands out, photographed in such incredible detail that we can see the texture of its speckled exterior.


Submit your photo to our Flickr Group and we will consider it for part of our Photo Friday series on Where.ca! We’ll credit you and link to your photo.

Canada Quiz: Can You Name What’s Made in the Great White North?


Here at Where.ca, we love to to bring our fellow Canadians interesting internet finds. So, when we came across a Canadian pop culture quiz created by PopSugar Girl’s Guide titled “Made in Canada,” we had to share it. The quiz is hosted by a bubbly pair of Americans and brings into question a series of celebrities and products that may or may not be made in Canada—some of which may surprise you. Do you have what it takes to guess them all right? Check out the quiz above, or on YouTube here:  Made in Canada Quiz.

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HOTEL INSIDER: The Wickaninnish Inn — Tofino, British Columbia


Photo: Russ Heinil

The Wickaninnish Inn (Photo: Russ Heinil)

Located on the western flank of Vancouver Island, The Wickaninnish Inn is surrounded by unbridled natural landscape, loaded with sea lions, whales and bears. The hotel’s windows allow visitors to gaze out at breathtaking Chesterman Beach, where the surf-worthy waves roll onto the sand and the ocean goes on for miles. Wickannish is a member of the exclusive network of Relais & Chateaux hotels, which guarantees a high level of luxury and comfort.

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The Best Canadian Travel Blogs Out Right Now


wise words

Wise words posted near BC’s Lake O’Hara (Photo: M.ann.n)

We love our fellow travellers and appreciate a great travel blog when we see one. With so many interesting, unique and adventurous websites on the internet, it seems only right that we pay homage to the best and the brightest. Whether you’re a backpacking nomad or a self-proclaimed culinary artist searching for travel tips about an new cuisine, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in this easy to read list of The Top 100 Canadian Travel Blogs provided by FlightNetworks travel blog ‘Let’s Roll’.


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9 Fabulous Fall Hiking Trails


One of our nine fabulous fall hiking trails: The Fundy Footpath (Photo: Dept. of Tourism & Parks, NB)

Head for the hills this fall and explore one of Canada’s many hiking trails, whether it’s tackling tough terrain on BC’s west coast or a slow sojourn on the Fundy Footpath (pictured). Well-trod trails accommodate any age or fitness level. Fall is an excellent time to get outside and capture the golden glow that softens the landscape. Proper hiking boots, water and snacks are a must. For organized outings with an experienced guide, contact cross-Canada hiking clubs or specific clubs in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, Alberta and BC.

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